Hello and thank you for visiting my online shop! My name is Aja Conrad, I'm a young Karuk mother, artist, activist, academic, fisherwoman, etc. I began making t-shirts just for fun almost a year ago and what started as a late night hobby quickly turned into a full-on small business! It wasn't exactly overnight, but I am consistently growing and learning new things which has helped me expand and build enough confidence to shoot my shot and launch a website to share some of my creations with a wider audience and bring more contemporary representation to Native people and issues that we face.

I've poured my heart and soul into my work and it's been such an incredible journey so far, so I appreciate you just being here and reading this! If you're interested in following some of the insider up's and down's of managing a small business in the incredibly remote Somes Bar, CA - I would encourage you to follow my Instagram: @onrivertimedesigns. 

I am always working on new projects and designs so I hope you'll check back in regularly!